Music and Mindfulness

We use ART to decorate space & MUSIC to decorate time ~ Jean-Michel Basquiat

Music and Mindfulness

Doc B continues to be intrigued by the power and helpfulness of mindfulness. From his beginnings working on the farm, Doc B was very skeptical of mindfulness when it was first introduced, and he had real struggles with trying to make mindfulness work for him. After some great advice from one of his closest friends in graduate school and a lot of practice, Doc B learned to let go of the judgment and trying to force mindfulness to work and found how helpful it could be for him personally.

Doc B then sought to become trained to work with the ways mindfulness can be applied to symptoms of anxiety, depression, sleeping problems, chronic pain, anger management, and so much more. While on internship, Doc B had the opportunity to work with veterans and got to participate in a “Guitar for Vets” group. It was in this group that Doc B noted that every one of the vets in that group discussed using their guitar whenever their distress was high to be mindful and be present. This began a new and current focus of Doc B’s research and is the subject of a new book about how to use learning music and playing guitar as a powerful tool in managing unpleasant symptoms. He begins every morning with a mindfulness routine and practices aimed at learning music theory and playing various instruments.

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