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Specializing in the treatment of trauma and working with couples and other relationships.

"Doc B"

Dr. Ron Bean, or “Doc B” as he is often called, is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who specializes in the treatment of trauma and in working with couples and other relationships. He believes that therapy does not have to be an intimidating experience and tries to create a nonjudgmental, open and accepting space for all walks of life. 

benefits of working with doc b

  • Intensive training in evidence-based strategies for relationships and trauma
  • Open and understanding approach that helps clients feel comfortable
  • Diverse life experiences to contribute to understanding


Doc B is a relatable and approachable professional that can balance the science behind effective therapy with a light-hearted custom-tailored for you approach that is warm, supportive, and non-judgemental. Doc B also supports the treatment approach you choose with a blend of key concepts from a variety of other methods to develop a balanced and holistic course of action that makes sense to you.

Doc B has experience in a wide variety of settings including being on the PTSD Clinical Team at a VA Hospital, Vet Centers, cardiac rehabilitation hospitals and other health clinics, community mental health clinics, the Center for Persons with Disabilities at Utah State University, and university counseling centers.

Doc B earned an Associate of Arts in Psychology – Magna Cum Laude at the College of Southern Idaho and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology – High Honors at Idaho State University. At Utah State University, Doc B earned his Master of Science in Psychology and a Ph.D. in Clinical and Counseling Psychology. Doc B’s relationship research includes exploring romantic relationship quality and technological communication. This line of research investigated potential links between one’s attachment style, rejection sensitivity, and how technology impacts relationship satisfaction. This research was published as a book chapter on relationship research. The first publication from Doc B’s dissertation research focused on relationship maintenance behaviors that included positivity, negativity, and sexual interest and their impact on marital stability in remarriage. The second publication examined different types of stepfamilies (he had children, she had children, they both had children) and the different types and the amount of challenges they each may face. He has also published research in the field of trauma in an exploration of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Trauma and different types of couple’s treatments that also treat trauma.

Doc B completed his predoctoral internship and post-doctoral specialist training at the Carl T. Hayden Veterans’ Administration Medical Center before being hired by the PTSD Clinical Team prior to establishing his private practice in 2020.

Doc B's Research, Presentations & Publications

Doc B's Training Experiences

Over the last three weeks, it has been a great time. I feel more and more like myself each day. I have been busy and active even during this time. I want to thank you for your advice and counsel. I do not believe I am going to allow things to upset me in the future and you have definitely taught me the triggers that get me spun up. My family life has improved as well as my own wellbeing.

~ P.A.

Key Approaches


  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT)
  • Prolonged Exposure (PE) Imagery Rehearsal Therapy for Nightmares (IRT)
  • CBT for Insomnia
  • Motivational Interviewing (MI)
  • Interpersonal Process Therapy
  • And more


  • The Gottman Couple’s Therapy approach (and has a variety of certifications from the Gottman Institute)
  • Cognitive Behavioral Conjoint Therapy
  • Integrative Behavioral Couples Therapy
  • And more

Doc B enjoys working with those who have difficulty seeing eye-to-eye and studying communication methods to bridge the gaps between relationships that help couples realize they are not competing with each other because they are actually on the same team.

Working with

Doc B the Person

Doc B is a fun-loving person with a diverse history of being raised on a farm in rural Idaho, then becoming a leading real estate broker before returning to the two passions from his youth, being a psychologist and a musician.

From his earliest years, Doc B had an unquenchable desire to know how things worked, much to the chagrin of his parents (who got most of their stuff put back together properly). This drive to know how things work found a home in music, where Doc B found his voice, and in the study of psychology. Doc B loved the multicultural training he received in grad school and is passionate about breaking the bonds of power, privilege, and stigma; activvely valuing all types of diversity. He actively engages in advocacy for all, including extensive work with the LGBTQ community, gender diversity, those who experienced religious trauma, and those from all walks of life. Doc B also loves cooking, writing, and building projects from his guitars to Harley Davidson motorcycles. He is married and has five children and three grandchildren.

Dr Ron Bean


Doc B’s Office is located at 943 W Overland Road #161, Meridian, Idaho 8364. He offers individual, group, and couples’ appointments for adults.


Doc B offers telehealth for all clients using secure, encrypted platforms to protect privacy and confidentiality. Telehealth can be a terrific option for many that have the preference for telehealth or barriers to attending in-person appointments including time, travel, convenience, or many other reasons.

Doc B earned a special designation on his license and participates in the Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact PSYPACT agreement. PSYPACT is an interstate compact designed to allow licensed psychologists to practice of telepsychology and conduct temporary in-person face-to-face practice of psychology across state boundaries legally and ethically without necessitating that an individual become licensed in every state to practice. This means Doc B can provide services to a growing list of 34 states. To see if your state applies, please follow this link:

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