Group Therapy

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Group Therapy

ACT for Anxiety

ACT for Anxiety is a weekly telehealth group devoted to helping individuals encounter anxiety differently and pursue a full and meaningful life. This group combines information about anxiety and the body’s response to it, as well as, mindfulness exercises, experiential exercises, group discussions/process, and between-session exercises to learn to apply these strategies in the moment and consistently in group member’s lives.

What do you mean by acceptance and commitment?

Acceptance does not mean we “like” something. It means striving to bring an open and willing attitude toward all internal experiences (thoughts, feelings, physical sensations, and memories), including the uncomfortable ones. It also does not mean resigning yourself or giving in to the experiences. It means letting go of strategies that do not work in favor of those that might. Commitment means actively engaging in the areas of life you truly care about, even when pain is present.

What can I expect?
  • This will be a confidential, interactive group comprised of brief educational components, group discussions, and many experiential exercises. We can all conceptualize acceptance, but it’s easier said than done. That’s where the experiential exercises and metaphors come into play.
  • We will use mindfulness strategies as a primary tool for relating to anxiety. Mindfulness means “Paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally.” (It’s similar to meditation.)
  • You’ll be asked to practice skills and brief reading at home between meetings.
  • You will be expected to do your best to attend all ten meetings.

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Group Therapy

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